Weight Losing Tips - 4 Tips You Cannot Forget

Weight Losing Tips - 4 Tips You Cannot Forget - Here are some weight losing tips that might actually help you lose weight!

Weight losing tips 1: Play video games! Seriously! When most people think of playing video games they think about sitting in their computer chair or lounging on the couch. While this is certainly part of playing video games, it doesn't always have to be how you play games. Yes, it would be difficult to lose weight while playing an action game that is strategy intensive. However, there are exercise video games and if you use your computer or game console to play chess or backgammon, those are perfect exercise games. Every time you make a move, stretch. Every time you lose a piece, crunch. No, it's not rocket science but it does enable you to do something you love while exercising.

Weight Losing Tips - 4 Tips You Cannot Forget. Weight losing tips 2: Stop comparing yourself to others. I know men do this, but women tend to be more outspoken about this. Just because your best friend is a size 1 doesn't mean you need to be. Every single body is built differently and there are unique goals that are specific to your body type. You can't be anyone else, so stop trying. Get comfortable with who you are and accept that you are you.

Weight losing tips 3: Women, stop trying to look like men. I don't mean with six pack abs or anything like that. We are supposed to have more fat than men. Our bodies are built to carry children, even if we never have them. We are supposed to have curves and hips and be soft. This doesn't mean we need to be out of shape, only that we shouldn't exercise the same way men do because their bodies are built differently than our own.

Weight losing tips 4: Be realistic with the amount of weight you are going to lose. Break your goals into smaller, shorter goals. If you realistically should lose 75 pounds, know that you are not going to lose it in a month. You shouldn't lose more than ten pounds a month. Break that down even further to two pounds a week. That is a realistic, healthy goal.

There are a lot of weight losing tips available and a lot of things to help get you going. The most important can be encouragement from others. Weight Losing Tips - 4 Tips You Cannot Forget, Tell your friends and family and partner the goals you are setting.

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