A Fast Weight Loss Program for Life

A Fast Weight Loss Program for Life - Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, hypertension, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease, stroke, endometrial and breast cancers – the list of diseases associated with obesity or excessive weight is long and the health risks even higher. Not to mention, people who are overweight suffers from psychological and social quandary. A fast weight loss program is a necessity not only to look better but to live a healthier, longer and a happier, better quality life.
It cannot be denied that the modern society has a great admiration for men and women who look tight and fit while openly ridiculing those who have flab hidden under tent-like shirts and ballooning trousers.

Kids who are metabolically and genetically not as endowed grow up to become shy, socially inept teens with high tendencies to develop anxiety and even depression. The emotional and mental health issues of being overweight are triggered by social discrimination, low self-esteem and even mood disorders. They fail to live a normal life and their full potentials are not expressed either. Overweight adults are not spared as they face a life of similar desperation and diminished prospects.

A Fast Weight Loss Program for Life

Fast weight loss cannot happen without knowing what is causing the excessive fat absorption, fat deposition and diminished breakdown of fats. To get rid of excess weight, one must evaluate first what is causing it. Is it because of overeating beyond satiation? Is it because of the quality of food they eat? What about the lifestyle and the physical activities? Are these enough to stimulate metabolism and burn fats? Could it be related to certain hormonal imbalances or other underlying medical conditions? The biochemistry of fats and obesity entails a complex set of factors and cannot be addressed by just addressing one element of the equation. Dietary or weight loss pills cannot just magically break down the fats that were accumulated over long years. Fast weight loss is impossible unless a holistic approach is adopted like a fast weight loss program.

A fast weight loss program need not cost too much. Adopting a program of solutions that are natural is not only inexpensive, it is also safe. To facilitate the process, one can start with colon cleansing. This can immediately remove toxins and fats stocked in the digestive system. A 3-day colon cleansing can show immediate effects. The diet in these three days can consist of small, frequent meals of assorted fruits in the morning. This is followed by a raw vegetable salad for lunch and steamed or cooked vegetables for dinner. The fruits (and raw vegetable) can be juiced to facilitate fast absorption of nutrients. After colon cleansing, one can choose a diet that is rich in fibers of fruits and vegetables with no or little oil. Proteins can be taken from fish, chicken and other meats with the fats trimmed off. Dietary supplements can be taken to fortify the diet. Processed foods especially sodas that contain loads of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and fast foods that are packed with unhealthy fats must be avoided at all cost to effect fast weight loss.

The modern lifestyle that is characteristically idle is another reason for obesity. It is influenced by the interplay of several socio-cultural as well as technological factors that make the entire thing complex. With more moms going into the workforce, the increased early independence of kids, the reduced inclination to pursue outdoor activities in favor of indoor hobbies as well as the influences of technologies like computer, Internet and cabled TV are just some of these factors. Increasing a regular exercise program can accelerate metabolism and the burning of fats. There are many possible choices. One can get into a defined exercise program or choose alternative activities that one enjoys or can foster the same goals such as dancing, hiking/walking, biking, swimming or doing yoga. There is no need to get into very serious gym routines if it is not something that you are interested in. What is important is you stick to your exercise program.

Taking dietary supplements is important to ensure that the nutrients that you could not get from the diet are augmented. Read the labels and do not buy products that you have not thoroughly researched on. Stick to your fast weight loss program which includes sensible diet and exercise routines. Once the desired weight has been attained, do not let go of your weight goals.