Step By Step Weight Loss Complete Guide

Step By Step Weight Loss Complete Guide - The purpose of this article is to act as a prelude to our website. The Internet does not offer a lot of information on how to lose weight, but often, where to start and dedication. That’s why here trying to run so that you can be successful. We present an overview of the entire process, so you know what to do first, and how to proceed. This manual is aimed at four points: motivation, diet, exercise and endurance, and tried to give an overview of how to lose those extra pounds. No matter how much you are overweight, these concepts have been tested and, if you implement them correctly, your weight loss is guaranteed.

We started talking about the settlement at the right attitude to lose weight, how to set appropriate goals to lose the reasons for it and. We talk about how it is a good diet and improve our habits; we cover everything to physical activity are related to how to start, what to do, how often and with what intensity. Finally, we discuss various tricks to avoid mistakes and to stand firm with our plans and do not give up. You.
Step By Step Weight Loss Complete Guide


First, it is good to think about a few things. You should know that to achieve your goals, you need to make changes in your lifestyle, and it is not automatic but requires a conscious effort on your part. Therefore, before you start, you need a few things are clear.

First, ask yourself why you drop a few pounds to lose? What advantages do you get? Many answers can be and will be different for each person, but your opinion is important to us. If you want to remove the fat around the waist, or if you want to improve your health, your figure looks better in your clothes, you have a healthier life, less likely to get sick, etc. Write your answers, a psychological effect, or a great motivator it creates added or eliminates excuses. Let us realize that weight loss is important to you, which is non-volatile.

Second, the goals are to be met clearly. Select the short and long term that you want and can. Choose no moral purposes and you’re cheating yourself aware of being your potential and start slowly, not to kill himself. It is important for you to focus on short-term goals such as “lose four pounds six weeks” because when you turn motivate more on your plans. However, if you want to lose 15 pounds a year, you can wait a whole year to bring in some way and to leave almost certainly. Can be met with willpower both goals, but it is better, step by small steps to go to achieve the ultimate goal. Furthermore, lose four pounds less overwhelming to lose, 15 so that your brain is not much against the idea. Keep a journal, write down everything that you downloaded to get the funds and allows you to feel you advance in the right direction.

Thirdly, according to a clear plan. Do not start if you do not know. Select a proper diet and exercise routine that you can follow, but also that you do when you are presented obstacles, temptations and missteps. Do not beat yourself if you want something that you should not eat, but try as soon as possible back to normal, is used to combat excuses to put you off exercise.

Now that we checked all the previous steps, this time, we get into the problem of losing itself. And make the healthy and stable manner.


That’s the word diet most hungry, poor and suffer from eating to reduce body fat. It does not use the word we. For us, from now on the diet is simply the foods you eat. You really do not starve, and you can eat well. The key is to change your eating habits healthy.

The basic idea is that in order to lose weight, you simply need to create a calorie deficit. This can be done in two ways: Eat fewer calories (balanced diet) or spend more (exercise). We start with the improvement of our diet for two simple reasons. First of all, as a rule, have a lot to improve, and can many small changes that create results. Second, it is easier for you to achieve a balanced diet without the exercise and take care of your poor diet running it. For this reason, I recommend that you start by changing your diet.

First, start a small study. Learn how it is that good food here. Introduction to calories, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. In this way you will know if you are doing is right, if you help your body or damage to these. Do not follow the diet plan but compréndelo and blindly convinced that it makes sense to do so. Proper nutrition gives you a host of benefits for your health, so do not only lose pounds, but you will feel better and prevendrás many diseases.

To get an idea of what parts make a note of anything you charge for a few days, how many calories you consume to eat, and then use a calculator to figure out your body mass index, and how many calories you should every day get food. Do not be alarmed if the values are different, is your goal, these two values are more and more, to change what you eat and how you do it.

Balanced diet means eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, draws excess fats, fish, low-fat dairy products, legumes, grains, and flour. Avoid fried foods, foods with lots of sugar and cola. Consumption of water and juices without sugar. Eat smaller portions and to make at least five times a day with low-calorie snacks between meals to avoid hunger. This knowledge you can lose your diet, weight and create effectively controlled.

To have a healthy diet have selected plan, adapt it to your life. If you see that you do not like one of the possible advantages. For an alternative If you are a fan of pasta, food varieties with whole grains or vegetables. It is very important that you note the mouthwatering suggestions, all meals, you can eat, or you want to try, not dishes that you eat out of obligation, or you do not like their flavors. The Internet is full of delicious and healthy recipes, to look for them.

Note that it is you to advise advisable to consult a doctor or nutritional General. Tell them about the changes in your life; they will lead you and give you further information, in addition to the promise that your body can cope with these changes. Everything you support given the recommendations by professionals, but each person is different, so you have to ensure. It is important to check if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems or muscle pain.

Once everything is ready, start! Remember, the key is to make small changes that you can maintain. Make fruit a day, and other small snacks between meals the next day, and continues with the path feed is completely different. Think about how I can improve my life today? Try different foods and recipes to a like, and remember, do not punish hunger, to create queries to improve any problems, then it will be easy to adjust your new life.


By changing your diet, you will begin to lose weight gradually and regularly, your body will buy a sleek silhouette, and you can ensure that you return all lost not pounds. However, to know to speed up the process and a further step in your efforts, you have to. Our bodies are designed to move, and therefore lack of physical activity causes many diseases. The more you your muscles, the more calories you burn use. It is not necessary for you to become a professional athlete, it is important that you regularly drive them to do it intensively, which is why the sessions mild or moderate intensity is very effective in reducing the belly.

You need to focus on exercise and cardiovascular as running, walking, swimming, dancing, etc. bicycle tear This type of exercise will increase your metabolism and your heart so that the body to use its fat stores. It seems strange, but if you want to make your abdominal muscles, abdominal exercise repetitions are the most important local, that although they have developed muscles, if your body fat percentage is high, not shown, which are covered by it. That’s why you need to start these exercises before starting routine in the gym.

Personally, I think the best way to start is by foot. The distance will allow you to improve your fitness, Produces without undue fatigue or injury. It’s like a kick in size, especially if you lead an active life if you do not practice sports. The first goal is to go 10,000 steps a day. Like a lot, but after the start, I know it is not so. Then you can gradually increase your speed and begins to run or jog, to break the routine. In this way, you will get more and burn more calories in a safe manner to some additional benefits physical health and bring your mental.

This is not your only option. You can also use the kind of exercise that do vary depending on the season, swimming in summer or with a treadmill or elliptical winter. Plus, you can group activities, such as spinning, Pilates or playing sports with friends, such as tennis, football, basketball, etc. It is a question of inventing.

And how often should I exercise? A good starting point would be three sessions of 60 minutes per week. Allows you to a significant number of calories without having to spend too exhausted. Sure, you can increase your sessions if you have the time or inclination. Do not worry if you do not jog or run, the most important factor when it spends to some of the body’s energy is the distance you are traveling, then you need to go long distances and run faster tired. The body starts with its energy reserves after 30 minutes, as long as sessions are more effective. Your fitness improves you gradually increase your speed to push a little more and get the best result.

There is something I can assure you, walks, or any other sport that you play, you will bring many benefits. You will feel better, you will sleep quieter, more energy, better have your self-esteem, you will feel more optimistic and can eliminate your stress. Additionally, you will have less chance of heart problems and blood vessels and diabetes, reduce blood cholesterol and improve blood pressure, you. Your digestion and your immune system and even your memory and your reflexes In addition to the prevention of many diseases such as depression and anxiety and physical pain and other common gastrointestinal problems, osteoporosis and cancer.

Beware of injuries. If you are not used to your body and what you need to move, you can stimulate muscle injury will not allow you to practice for a while. You need to know your limits, physical activity is a positive feeling tired, running 10 km away and finished it does not creep. Start with lighter workouts and see ament Ando empowerment as your fitness improves. Keep in mind fade after the completion of the tensions accumulated in your muscles fibers to stretch.


Perhaps the hardest part to get used to exercising and eat well every week. This is where many fail because they do not continue to have the will. Do not despair, because there are some things you can do to make things easier. First, remember that if you slip, you do not have to punish you, just suppose you made a mistake and tried to attain your new lifestyle. The only way to lose it waived.

He is aware of everything you everything you want to achieve and all its attendant benefits, you get accomplished. Think. About all the positive things that will take you and bring you to a third of a flat stomach and athletic Make a list of all your goals. Look better, have more self-esteem and self-confidence, go to the beach and to avoid discomfort, improve your health, prevent disease, etc. Think of what you’re fighting. You can something bad will happen if you’re going to write. Feel like a failure, failed to achieve your goals, I have muscle pain, you think, fat, etc. All this will give you the boost you need so no offense.

Testing smaller goals that you meet in the short term (4-6 weeks). It seems important, however, has, in reality, strong you feel to achieve your goals, you will be more motivated to stick with exercise and your diet, and the feeling that inspired you to have to deal with more ambitious targets.

Learn to control them. Many people eat because they are bored, sad or stressed, it is as “emotional eating”. Think about whether you will be in your case. Analyze your actions to know that you have more control over yourself so. If you the urge to eat sweets not to, remember put a note of how many calories each cookie, so you might want to think twice. Make no unhealthy foods inaccessible places, but they hide in your bottom drawer and place the fruit and granola bars in prominent places, be the first thing you see.

Tell the world that you want to lose weight. Search for your friends and family to support you, to listen to you and can periodically ask how you are going with your goals. In this way, you will feel some pressure to change. Otherwise you will have to admit defeat.

Do not stop. Continuous. Continued existence. Remember that you do for them and for all others. Your body is important for you and the only person who will benefit from the treatment for you. So do Games-. They groom anyone convince you that you can not reach. You’re stronger than you think, so get going. You can. Courage!