Careful, Dogs Can Get Arthritis

Careful, Dogs Can Get Arthritis - This may come as a surprise, but yes, man's best friend can also be targeted by one of man's biggest health threats - arthritis. Dogs are also susceptible to develop dog arthritis, because the internal structures of their muscles, bones and joints are the same as that of humans. A clear understanding of what can cause arthritis in dogs will allow you to help your dog avoid getting this disease.

Here are some of the most common predisposing factors that may increase the risk of your mutt developing dog arthritis:
Carefull, Dogs Can Get Arthritis

1. Obesity

Dogs who are extremely overweight will suffer from the added strain on their joints, bones and muscles. The added weight may not be a bother at the first few months, but through time, this excess weight would definitely impact the joints. To prevent this form happening, carefully monitor your dog's weight regularly. Your vet should advice you on the normal weight that your dog should keep.

2. Malnutrition

Another predisposing factor to developing dog arthritis would be malnutrition. When dogs are not given proper nourishment, their body tissues lose elasticity and these tissues begin to degenerate. When this degeneration hits the joints, it leads to arthritis. To prevent this from happening, always remember to provide a balanced diet for your dog. A trip to a veterinarian would also be helpful. A vet can prescribe a formulated diet for a specific dog so that malnourishment would be prevented.

3. Injuries

Injuries are common causes of dog arthritis, especially when an injury is incurred near or on the joint itself. The injury might heal, but it will usually leave the injured part in a deteriorated state, different from before it was damaged. This deterioration will result to the joint being more prone to further damages, and can eventually develop into arthritis. To prevent this from happening, remember to make your environment dog friendly and make sure that there are no unnecessary accident hazards around your dog companions.

4. Exercise

Lastly, an excess or lack of exercise could also be a predisposing factor in developing dog arthritis. Too much exercise can give the ligaments and the joints undue strain, to the point of injury. On the other hand if your dog gets too little exercise, the joint tissues will also begin to degenerate due to the lack of activity. Give your dog the opportunity to get a balance of activity and rest. Make sure to take your dog along on regular walks, and occasional run at the park.

Dog arthritis can be quite painful to your canine friends. Make sure to take your dog to the vet if you notice some symptoms that may cause your pet to suffer from this disease.